For Photographers

We offer workshops and photography days where a group of photographers and models get together and work within a wide range of settings. If you would like to go on our mailing list and be the first to hear of events at our studios then please let us know:

For amateurs and professionals -anyone who loves to take pictures! Bella orange

Photographer’s Days and Workshops

We get together some great models, create unique settings and backdrops throughout the woods, meadow, barn, gardens and studios and let you get busy. You also have access to lighting equipment, accessories and props. Be as creative or traditional as you wish. Throughout the day you will get to work with different models who will be wearing outfits of various styles depending on your requests before the day.

Next ones: All flowered up, Cracking Lighting, Backdrop Painting and Creative


One theme shoots

These are half day shoots in small groups of 4 photographers with 2 models. Outfits and settings within the theme. You get to shoot each model in a pair with another photographer and then get to shoot both models together taking it in turns with the other photographers or in pairs (you decide.) What themes would you like? Here are some ideas of ours: Victorian inventor and daughter, Tudor man and son, Apocalypse, Film Noir, All flowered up, Horror, Country House.


We have 2 indoor studios and 2 outbuilding studios and 4 acres of grounds including flower gardens, woodland and meadow.


Photography Workshops

For people just starting out in photography or for those who want to refresh skills in a networking atmosphere…check these workshops out or request a combination.

Backdrop Painting

Perfect Composition

Styling your clients/models

Posing your clients/models

Lighting -Natural/Strobe/Outdoor/Mix/Creative

A creative shoot:  1) how to come up with unique ideas (I used to teach creative thinking!) then we create and shoot  2) no talking -we set it up and you come and shoot it

Textures and Special Effects: Make and shoot

Photoshop basics

Colour theory


We can mix and match and tailor the workshops to suit. All equipment provided.