Version 2We provide ‘traditional’ photoshoots and D.I.Y photoshoot experiences. To understand these two approaches better, and how we are unique, look below.

‘Traditional’ Photo Shoot:  Much as in your usual photo studio, you come and we take pictures of you. You choose settings, props and can wear our outfits or your own or have a mixture of both. I advise onand can provide, make up and hair styling accessories and can offer tips on modelling and coach you through posing to create that really stand out look. How we are different is that we have extensive props, settings and outfits that can be part of the shoot.

D.I.Y. Photoshoot Experience: This is for people who love taking photos and knows at least one person who loves being a model! Essentially it is the same in that we provide settings, props and selections of outfits; we can advise on styling and modelling and also on how to use our photography equipment such as diffusers, reflectors, grids, lights etc. Then we leave you to do the rest. Check out the different settings: studio, interiors, meadow, flower garden, barn and woodland.