T.I.Y (take it yourself) Photoshoot Experience

polly grassbella hp skt toning.jpg  

This is a new idea so please contact us with any questions. You come for a photoshoot but borrow our outfits, props, settings and equipment and take your own photos, you have sole use of all areas while you are here so can really let your inner self out to capture some great photos.

Have fun dressing up -try on different things until you are happy  with your look, or use a range of outfits while you are here to get more than one look.  We have hundreds of items of clothing and accessories, many items are those things you would not buy yourself but make you feel great to wear. We provide clips etc to give the clothes that perfect fit look and can help you do this if you wish.

Client comments: “I can’t believe how different I feel in this.” “It makes we walk differently.” “Me, me! I want to wear that!”


£40 for up to four people for 2 hours…or for two adults and up to four children

£60 for up to four people for 3 hours

We explain how to use the different equipment and can help as much or as little as required. Just remember to bring your camera!