Creative Workshops

nat smoke    “Creativity is a pathway in the brain -once found it is never lost.”

Kate has a background in creative education so it became a natural step that Cornwall Photo Farm offered workshops in how to plan creativity and how to carry it out. In other words how to come up with great creative ideas and how to get it done. Mostly these workshops are about creative photoshoots but they don’t need to be if you have other areas you would like creative help in. We have school programmes and corporate workshops.

Creative Photoshoot Workshop Course Elements:

  1. Concept -techniques to generate ideas
  2. Props -design and easy manufacture
  3. Shoots -helping your model find their inner self, make up and lighting your shoot
  4. Post -processing -the best of photoshop for immediate effect.

Our workshops are half day, whole day and we are shortly due to bring in residential courses. The content of the course is a combination of practical activities and thinking techniques that will give you an enhanced creative ability for the rest of your life.

Please get in touch if you would like more information. For flower based workshops please visit our flower Facebook page: Cornwall Flower and Photo Farm.