Proud to list our models below: these are the people we call on for our photographer’s days: feel free to contact them directly to set up a shoot here or elsewhere.

If you are a model -or would like to be a model -please get in touch, we do not charge to be on here. If you are a newbie we offer free training in return for modelling for us. We offer all models free guidance, support and networking as our contribution to equality and safety in this industry.

For more models try the Cornwall Model Agency:

Coral-Gracie Banks          currently working abroad

Coral headshorCoral Green DressCoral blue set copy


Danielle Osborne







Anna Liddell      £10 per hour  






Suzy Monty

Suzy walkway yellowsuzy 50s

Justyna Dudek 




credit for pics to Dave Henderson and Mark Lowden (Dreamwork Boudoir)

Rebecca Missons  £10 per hour


first pic: credit to Francine Owen and Carolyn Oakley

Kimberley Notley




pictures by Mike Halsey

Kaya Ford




pictures by Mike Halsey

Rhyana Shah

Rhyana for website

Under 18’s: Contact details are the parent/guardian; please, on no account attempt to contact the child themselves.

Charlotte Lester-George: age 17





Lauren Dove age 17

Lauren bandw

Isabella Roberts: age 16   £10 per hour







Torin Kearton 





pics by Claire at LLPhotography and Sky at Kohl Framed Images

Phillip Jasper            Fb)           Pp)
Phone. +447702765943





     photos by LLE photography

Lucas Herm